Yes, you will need to master a few skills before you can even start your journey. One mistake I made is that I didn’t prepare myself before I started dropshipping. These are the 3 important skills needed for dropshipping. I jumped in and just thought I would learn along the way. This was a big mistake because once you have completed a task you later realize it could have been done better and you actually just end up going back researching more and starting again. This cycle goes on and on and on. In this blog I will tell you the skills needed for dropshipping.

Whether you want to get into e-commerce, dropshipping and write blogs etc there are a few skills that across all forms of making money online you will just need to have a great background knowledge on. There is no escaping them.

When it comes to dropshipping there’s a lot more that you will need to master than you think. Most articles online make it seem easy as most of the time someone is trying to sell you something and want you to buy straight away. The areas you will need to master in dropshipping will be mentioned in details below.


Let’s first understand what copywriting actually is. Copywriting is often thought as just writing messages for adverts. However, it goes way deeper than just writing captivating adverts. Copy writing relates to all written content conveyed through media and or print materials. This includes a website, Facebook posts, product write ups and basically anything to do with what people read about your business online.

Being good at this skill is incredibly important and not something you will just know. There are numerous ways to learn copy and there are many free short courses that you can take online.

Linkdin offer free learning courses and there are some good short courses you can do.

Copy writing just got so much easier now that AI has been introduced! My favorite AI site at the moment is Writesonic! If you want to learn more about the difference between Writesonic and Chat GPT you can read my blog post here.

what's the difference Chat GPT and Writesonic
skills needed for dropshipping.


Content creation is one that I highly underestimated and took up a lot of my time. What is content creation? Content creation relates to all the media that you use across your business whether it be on social media or websites. It can become really tricky to create captivating content for viewers.

When dropshipping you are basically taking photos from AliExpress or the internet and trying to make them look better than the competitors. These images and video are not the best quality and it can become really tricky to create captivating content for viewers.

The greatest website to ever be invented was CANVA. Canva will be your best friend for your online journey. I highly recommend you get Canva Pro as there are so many more options available to help you create better content.  Download Canva Pro and start playing around and creating fun stuff. You will get the hang of it in no time.

You can sign up for Canva Pro here

Use my link for a discount for signing up!

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skills needed for dropshipping.

Social media marketing is another whole business on its own. However, if you have mastered the first two skills mentioned you are half way to becoming a good social media marketer.

Before you dive into dropshipping I suggest you take one form of social media and choose which one to gain some knowledge on. I would suggest you start with Facebook.

I went very wrong here in the beginning of my journey as I had spent hours and hours making a Shopify store but then when I wanted to try make paid adverts my Facebook ad account was suspended for no apparent reason.

Can you believe it? Not once did my dropshipping gurus mentioned that you should check to see if you are even able to run ads on your Facebook accounts.

My advice to you is get comfortable with the backend side of Facebook marketing before you start doing anything else. Once you have a better understanding of Facebook backends you can read my blog “FACEBOOK ADD CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES:” for a deeper understanding in Facebook strategies.


These three skills are a very good start if you are looking to enter the dropshipping space. Obviously, these are not the only skills required to become successful in the long run but this is 100% where you should start. There are so many layers and layers to dropshipping that it can seem very over whelming. If you focus on everything all at once you will never master the beginning stages and ultimately fail.