About Us

Hello, Welcome to About Us!

We are Bailey and Michael a couple who started traveling the world together in 2015. We fell in love with the freedom of traveling and experiencing new things every day.

Unfortunately, this life style requires money and money requires work and work requires no freedom to move around.

We settled down in Vietnam where we had been teaching in the afternoons and weekends to make some money. Covid hit and all schools went online. We got a taste of the online world and thought this is how we can travel and work at the same time.

As we travelled, we met people earning more money than us online and they were working less hours. We dug deeper into dropshipping and fell obsessed with the business model. We studied every course and went through tons of dropshipping gurus.

Since then, we have run multiple successful dropshipping stores which has given us so much financial freedom. We have made some very profitable Etsy Stores and this has led us to this blog.

We are not, selling any course or persuading you to buy anything from us. We just want to share our experience and share our ways to make money online and in doing so hopefully helping out whoever is on this journey with us.

So stick around and learn something new with us as we share honest and real ways to make money online.