Being an online entrepreneur sounds amazing right? Well, it is, however when you find out how knowledgeable some people are in this space it might scare you and make you think “how can I compete with these people?”

To be an online entrepreneur and to be a successful one you will need to possess the “teachable characteristic”. If you are teachable, you will be just alright a long your online journey.

How convenient that you have all these knowledgeable online entrepreneurs that are willing to share their knowledge with you.

When I think of my journey as an online entrepreneur, I can narrow all my decision making and ways of thinking down to three books. These three books were my biggest influence and a great contributor to my success. Here are my best business books for online entrepreneurs.

Russell Brunson

The author of these three incredible books is Russell Brunson. Russell is an American Digital Marketing expert and founder of the company click funnel. He is the godfather of digital marketing.

Russell started his online entrepreneur journey by selling potato guns on a website. You will read more about his journey in his books but from his potato gun store until today he has a net worth of over $40 million.

Must read books to make money online

Russel has been kind enough to share what he has learnt through books. He has written many books but three books that I found were the most relatable to beginners in the online world are Dotcom secrets, Traffic secrets and Expert secrets.

Dotcom Secrets

Best business books for online entrepreneurs

Dotcom secrets is a great book to start on. In this book he speaks about how to build effective sales funnels for your online business.

The book explains how these sales funnels drive traffic to your website and how you can increase the amount of money each customer spends on your store.

This book is amazing because he gives you a step-to-step guide on how to implement these sales funnels. Russel has made these books extremely easy to understand.

He has included clear and simple diagrams that help you understand the concepts he is explaining. You are able to download these diagrams and print them out for later use.

Must read books to make money online

Traffic Secrets

Must read books to make money online

It’s one thing creating an amazing product, sadly that is the easy part. Most online entrepreneurs have failed because they are unable to get enough eyes on their amazing products.

What this book does is teach you how to get your message across to the world and most importantly how to get your message to the correct group of people.

This book gives so many tips and tricks to help you get “the right people” onto your online store. You can apply these tips and tricks to your business in real time.

And yes, if you are a picture person then Russell’s diagrams will be right up your ally.

Must read books to make money online

Expert secrets

Must read books to make money online

The third book that I recommend you reading is Expert secrets. In this book Russel highlights the principles of effective business and marketing with expert advice, tips, and ‘secrets’ to find niche.

In addition, you will learn how to market yourself so that you can become the face of your business.

The reason I suggest you read Dotcom secrets and Traffic secrets first is because in this book you will learn a lot about leadership, managerial skills and conflict resolution.

If you have just started your journey then you might not need this book as urgently as the others. 

Summary details the three books

Here is a summary of the number of pages, e-book prices and hard cover prices.

Must read books to make money online

Finishing words

Whether you are already on your online journey or whether you are just starting if you haven’t read these books then I highly recommend that you do.

For only $10 you can get millions of dollars’ worth of information. Start applying his secrets to your business as soon as you can. You can find these books on Amazon. If you want to read more about becoming an entrepreneur you can find my blog series here.