If you are about to start your first dropshipping store this is probably a very important question to ask yourself.

There are numerous website builders available online and I’ll save you the time on researching all of them. There are a few favorites amongst dropshippers and here are the best dropshipping website builders :

  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. WooCommerce
  5. WebsiteBuilder

I have done research and tried building dropshipping website on all of these website builders and honestly, I wish I had someone telling me to start with Shopify and don’t look back.

Why Shopify?

The amount of people that are trying to make a living online has increased ten-fold in 2022. Whilst this is not necessary a bad thing it has left a few problems for new comers. This problem is that there is just far too much information out there.

Everyone is scrambling to get us much content out there in the hopes they rank higher on google searches etc. With that a lot of people get confused about what to do as you try research one thing and a million options come up. So, I will go a different route and just give you the real deal.

When looking at website builders for dropshipper beginners there are 3 aspects you should consider. What is the price? Do they support dropshipping and are they easy to use and navigate?

Pay the 29 dollars a month:

You may get caught off guard with the free website builders and think you will first play around for free for “now”. You will end up wasting your time like I did. Only later I realized that I should be using Shopify and I had to learn everything from the start again.

Shopify has different options for pricing that start at the basic plan for 29$ a month all the way up to the pro plan for 299$ a month. Moreover, Shopify give you a 14-day free trial and if you are unsatisfied, you can cancel your monthly prescription with no cost at all.

You can use this free trial to your advantage as I can almost guarantee that in 14 days you will have your first website built and you will know your way around Shopify like an absolute pro. I promise it is worth the 29$ in the end.

Best dropshipping website builders

Shopify is very supportive of dropshippers:

Shopify have made it incredibly easy for dropshippers as they have apps you can download that really do help with all the small nitty gritty issues that arise with dropshipping.

For example, when I started dropshipping I used to find my products on AliExpress download photos and make a product write up from the ground up. I would often have to check AliExpress to see if the products on my website were still in stock or if they had specific colors in stock and update this on my website.

Shopify has an app (DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping) which literally solves all those problems. You simply add the link to the product and make a few edits and tweaks and boom your product is ready and tracked for you. 

if you want to find out how to open a store then head over to my shopify check list blog.

Shopify is user friendly:

It’s fair to assume that not everyone is a tech geek or that most people starting dropshipping have little no experience building websites. Even hearing or reading the sentence “Building a website” used to scare me to death.

I can now build a Shopify dropshipping store in less than 24 hours. To be honest, it’s not because I am a fast learner but rather that Shopify have made it that easy. There are tons of video on the Shopify website that teach you how to do everything step by step.

In addition, there are a wide variety of free templates that you can use. These templates save hour ad hours of time and give your website a really nice look.

Best dropshipping website builders


If you are a beginner at drop shipping I do highly recommend that you try the 14-day free trial and start building your first website with Shopify. If you are able to build your first store within the 14-day free trail please come back to this blog and comment “that was so easy” just so that I can comment back “I told you so”.