When you first launch your Etsy shop, you probably spend a lot of time researching what products to sell and how to promote your business. After all, you have to get the word out there. That’s where these free Etsy SEO tips come in handy. If you want to increase your visibility and get more customers coming back to your store again and again, then read on! People search for specific things when they visit Google or any other search engine. This means that if you want people to find your new store, you need to optimize it so that it appears higher up in the search results. The following article will give you ideas on how you can take advantage.

Change your Etsy Shop Name that Describes your Products

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of Etsy sellers don’t actually change their shop name. The name of your Etsy store should be short, but catchy. It should also have the words “Etsy shop” in it, so that potential customers can easily find you when they search for items on Etsy.

The name of your Etsy store should also describe your products. If you sell party decorations, a better name for your Etsy shop might be “The Festivities.” If you sell items related to weddings, a better name for your Etsy shop might be “Weddings.”

You want to give people as many clues as you can in the name of your Etsy shop. The better your name is for SEO purposes, the more likely customers are to find you.

Free Etsy SEO Tips

Include Keywords in Your Listings

For Etsy SEO purposes, keywords are extremely important. Keywords help a customer find the product they are looking for.

A lot of Etsy sellers skip the first few listings in their shop and write “buy my product” or “buy my product now!” without adding any keywords. This doesn’t get your product seen by customers, so avoid doing this.

Instead, add keywords to the first few listings of your Etsy shop. Ideally, you want keywords to appear in every single listing. This helps customers find your product and saves them time when they look for items.

If you want more information on how to optimize your Etsy listings for SEO then head on over to my in-depth step to step blog on how to better your SEO.

FIND how to optimize your Etsy listings for SEO and add the link.

Avoid Repeating the Same Keyword

You want to make sure you’re including the same keywords in your listings, but you also want to avoid repeating the same keywords. This isn’t a big deal in Google, but it is in Bing. That’s why you don’t want to repeat the same keywords too much.

Over time, your Etsy SEO will suffer if you keep repeating the same keywords. That’s because you’re not searching for another variety of keywords. Your Etsy store will become less visible, so you want to avoid this at all costs.

There is one exception though – when you’re writing a product description. In this instance, you can repeat the same keyword or two. This is because the product description is a separate section from the listing itself.

Make use of all 13 tags in each listing

Etsy sellers frequently overlook the utility of tags. However, these can help you find new customers, save time for your customers, increase your storefront visibility, and boost your Etsy SEO.  

Free Etsy SEO Tips

If you are struggling to find out what tags work best you should consider doing the following:

The best way to find out what tags are useful for your Etsy shop is to look at other shops’ tags. That way, you can see what they’re using and what they’re getting out of it. Sometimes the best methods to achieve good SEO is find out what successful stores are using and then try to one up them.

You can also search Etsy for tags on google analytics to see what words have been trending in relation  to your niche and see what comes up.

Additionally, you can use the what would I type in the search bar if I was looking for my product method. This has proven to work as you are always a version of your dream customer.

Use Your Main & Important Keywords First

You want to make sure that customers who search for your items find them. That’s why the first thing you want to do is make sure your main keywords appear first. If a customer types in “party decorations,” you want to make sure that the party decorations is what they see first when they are scrolling through the pages.

Free Etsy SEO Tips

It’s also important to include your secondary keywords in each listing. These keywords are less important but can still help you gain visibility and boost your Etsy SEO. For example, “Party Decorations” could be one main keyword and “wedding” and “Etsy shop” could be secondary keywords.

Free Etsy SEO Tips

Regularly update your listings

You want to make sure that your product listings keep getting better and better. That’s because, again, you want customers to find your products when they look for them.

If your product descriptions are old, you’re not going to see many customers. The best way to keep them updated is to write new product descriptions.

You can also update your images, too. If you’re not sure how to write good product descriptions, you can take a look my blog post how to optimize your Etsy listings for SEO.

Ensure better customer experience

Customers are your most important asset when it comes to Etsy SEO. You want to make sure that they have a good experience from their first click on your page to the last product purchased.

  • Read your reviews: This is a big mistake a lot of Etsy sellers make – they leave their reviews blank. You want to make sure you leave at least a few reviews for your products, especially if they’re 5-star reviews.
  • Inspire trust: You can inspire trust by being honest and transparent in your product descriptions and photo graphs.
  • Check your listing on a regular basis: You’re not going to see any major changes in Etsy SEO overnight, but you do want to make small changes on a regular basis.

When it comes to Etsy SEO specifically, the better the hype around your products and the better the reviews all plays a part in how your SEO will rank compared to competitors. If you are able to ensure that positive things are said about your store it will all add up in the long run.

Advertise your Store to Get Inbound Links

You want to make sure that your Google Adwords are helping you find new customers and get more views on your listings. This is no different for Etsy SEO.

You want to make sure that you’re continuously bidding on these keywords and optimizing your account. You can also try bidding on your competitors’ keywords to see if you can get the top spot for a few keywords. This will help you get more views and boost your Etsy SEO.

You can also advertise on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These types of sites have a high amount of traffic and are great for getting your business seen in a short amount of time.


The best way to boost your Etsy SEO is to change your shop name and include keywords in your first few product listings. You can then regularly update your descriptions and get better customer service. These changes will make your shop less visible in the search results, so you want to make an effort to avoid this. You want to make sure that customers can easily find your product