Avoid the risks of dropshipping

If you read my blog about the risks of dropshipping then it’s probably only smart to read about ways we can avoid our main risk of unhappy customers and how to solve the risk that led to unhappy customers. Here are my top ways on How to avoid the risks of dropshipping in 2023.

To be honest it’s not a very difficult process but these small tips can really save you in the long run especially if you are new to all of this. I only found out a lot of these risks before it was too late and had many failure stores because I wasn’t forward thinking.

Quality control to avoid the risks of dropshipping

To have full quality control over every product in dropshipping is impossible. This is why I mentioned I wasn’t forward thinking. Quality control in the dropshipping world needs to be adopted before you start selling a specific product.

What I mean by this is you need to make a prediction on whether the product and supplier you have chosen is going to provide your customers with quality products every time. Well, how can I do this you might be asking.

Look at reviews

Once you have found the product you want to sell you will need to look at all the different suppliers of that product. You can like these suppliers and start going through all the reviews on this product.

I suggest you go look at different products the suppliers are selling and read the reviews of those products too. You might get a better feel for the quality of their products and services in general.

Secondly, have a look at the suppliers’ ratings.  As seen in the example below this store has an above average rating. Anything scores lower than a 4.7 and total rating under 95% you should avoid.

Reviews of Winning product on aliexpress (1)
Look at the reviews from the store

Message different suppliers on Aliexpress:

At some point you are going to need to get in contact with your suppliers. So, this is where you can get a really good feel on how speedy they respond and how they will deal with you in the future.

In addition, you can ask your supplier if they have any media content that is not presented on their store and you might get new or better media for your website and marketing. You can ask them to send you an unedited clip of the product to see it without any edits etc.

If you unsure what to message the supplier then here is something you can copy and paste and send it to all the suppliers of your chosen product.

“Hi there I am an experienced dropshipper and I am very interested in selling your product. I was wondering if you had any additional photos to send me so I can see the product in more detail”

Shipping issues

Whilst there is not much you can do about the shipping times on AliExpress you might just be able to find certain suppliers that are able to process your orders faster and get the product to the shipping companies faster. You will be able to determine this in the reviews too. You will see comments such as “shipping arrived before expected delivery date”. Or shipping was faster than expected.

Again, don’t be afraid to message the suppliers and ask them if it’s possible for them to make shipping any faster.

There is also hope that there is already someone holding the product in say the USA. In the search bar you can choose to see what products are shipped from USA. This could drastically change your shipping times for the better.

Message different suppliers
Message different suppliers on Aliexpress

Returns and refunds

You need to remember that it is your store with your rules. You have the right to say you do not accept returns/refunds or you only accept returns/refunds on specific occasions. You can illuminate this risk by being extremely clear that you do not accept returns at all and you will refund customers for damaged products.

Here is an example of a Return and Refund policies that you are welcome to add to your store. It’s easy just copy and paste.

Refund Policy:

Here at (shop name) we are happy to offer refunds to any products that are:

  • Damaged upon arrival or mishandled during shipment
  • Any manufacturing errors

If you feel your package matches the descriptions above, please reach out to us with evidence in the form of a photo or video and we will can either assist you by sending you a new product free of charge or offering you a full refund.

If you want us to send you a new product the shipping times will be the same as normal. However, if you want a refund then the process should take 1-2 days.

Returns policy:

Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer returns on our products. Before ordering with us please make sure the sizing is correct and that you love our product. We are very honest in our product descriptions.

However, if your product is damaged or defaulted refer to our refund policy.

  • Scammers

To eliminate the risks of scammers you are going to have to stay on your toes at all times.

In my previous blog I mentioned the risks of the “subtle scammers”. The only way you can beat the scammers is being stern and sticking to your policies. If you feel your product was not damaged or faulty you can decline their request for a refund.

Finishing words:

These steps may seem easy to follow but sometimes when you are moving at a fast pace you tend to make mistakes and especially because there’s a lot going on when it comes to dropshipping. Remember to take you time and be forward thinking.