It’s evident that dropshipping has become a very lucrative way of earning an income in 2022. There has been a large increase in people entering the dropshipping space and it has become incredibly competitive. This blog will go through the ways on How to find winning products on Aliexpress.

Competition is not always a bad thing it just means you need to get there first or do it better. If you read my blog “Dropshipping strategies in 2022” you will get a better understanding of “do it better”.

However, the traditional strategy goes something like “get the winning products before the competitors and scale as fast as possible”. Both of the above-mentioned strategies can lead you to success.

How to find winning products before your competitors:

Finding winning products sometimes takes a bit of time online and intuition. Some of my bestselling products were not found through apps, graph charts or dropshipping gurus.

These winning products were found by simply taking note of what I see on social media. Let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time scrolling through social media and useless stuff that we don’t even remember.

I made it my goal to take note of what influences and people are using in their social media posts. I dove into so much detail as to what color they were wearing or what tasks they were doing and eventually I started realizing that the winning products can be foreseen through the smaller details.

For example, scrolling through TikTok I noticed that Ombre color ways started showing up more and more often on my feed. It was something that caught my attention. I noticed that Kylie Jenner was incorporating ombre color ways into her new brand “Kyliebaby”.

How to find winning products on Aliexpress
Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Baby Range

I often spend time scrolling through products on AliExpress and I remember seeing an ombre water bottle. It was a perfect match.

How to find winning products on Aliexpress
Ombre Waterbottles

I managed to spot the trend before people even realized it would be a trend. This bottle went on to be one of my best sellers.

If this method doesn’t really interest you and you are more of a numbers or method driven person then there are some apps that my help you to find your winning products.

Apps to help you find winning products:

You don’t need to be a trend setter to find winning products. There are many apps and Facebook groups that can aid you in your search. These apps help you to see what products are trending, how to market them, the interest and as well as the profit margins.

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These apps and Facebook groups are:

  1. Pexda
  2. Thieve
  3. Product mafia
  4. Product research lab/ Facebook group
  5. Shopifydropshipping/ Facebook group
  6. Nichescraper
  7. AliHunter

The niches that have been doing the biggest sales numbers is important when making your winning product list. 

The niches give you a sense of what people are buying and you can look for products in this category that are similar to what the competitors are selling.

Screen Shot 2022 09 19 at 09.16.14
Definition of a Niche Market

These niches are:

  1. Baby products
  2. Women’s clothing  
  3. Tools
  4. Car accessories
  5. Beauty products

I will give you an example of a product from each niche that will be winning products.

Baby product that is trending now:

Baby products have been selling well for some time now. There has been an increase in sales on these silicone sucker bowls. There are numerous different types available on AliExpress.


You can find this specific product by using the link above.

Women’s Clothing trending now:

Knitted dresses are starting to see in an increase in sales and this one specifically too. The baggy oversized look to any clothing is in and knitted clothing is in so if you put two and two together you see why.


You can find this specific product by using the link above.

Tools trending now :

Ever since the covid pandemic tools have been doing great numbers for dropshippers. The reason being that people wanted to start improving their homes with all the free time during lockdowns.

Besides that, going into a tool store can be pretty intimidating for a non-builder so many people found it more comforting to just order it online.

Cordless drills are what you should be looking at like the picture below.

Tools that are trending now


You can find this specific product by using the link above.

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Car product trending now:

Car products are always a win when it comes to dropshipping. Everyone has something about their car that annoys them or they think could be more convenient.

For example, always dropping a phone or wallet in the gaps of the seats. These everyday problems are easy to market to a consumer because they all generally solve a problem.

With that means that people will always be buying these car seat slip gap pockets.

Car products trending now


You can find this specific product by using the link above.

Beauty product trending now :

Everybody wants to take care of their skin. You can capitalize on this because the niche will always do high sales numbers You just have to keep up to date with the beauty technology.

Like this face lift device for example.

Beauty Products Trending now


You can find this specific product by using the link above.

Finishing words:

In closing, I hope you can get one take away from blog post. Sometimes, it takes a bit of outside the box thinking when it comes to finding winning products and finding trends before your competitors. Take note of what you are seeing online and the ideas will start flowing through your head with no effort at all.