The covid-19 pandemic has brought may people into the online world. With all the extra time and figuring out how to transfer all tasks done in an office or at school online came a huge increase in demand for students from around the world that have wanted to study English online.  So what companies are hiring and where can I Teach English online without a degree?

Online teachers

The high demand of new students has left online teaching companies desperate for teachers. This means that many companies have become more lenient on who they are hiring.

You don’t need a degree to teach online. Yes, you read that right, if you are a college student, someone looking for a side income or want to teach online full time then you are in luck. However, there are certain requirements.

Before you start you should read about the pros and cons of teaching online here.

What are the job requirements to teach online if I don’t have a degree?

Each to their own is exactly what it’s like in the online teaching world. Not every company has the same requirements but I will explain the general rule of thumb that you would most probably need either way.

First and the most important is you need to be a native English speaker.

Fortunately, English teachers online or in foreign countries only really get hired because of their accents and pronunciation. Otherwise, schools would just use Foreign English speakers as their teachers.

If you are from USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Australia, Ireland or South Africa then you basically have your first requirement sorted.

You need or are advised to get a TEFL certificate

If you are unsure what a TEFL certificate is then it’s basically just a document that states you have received some training to teach English as a foreign language.

Don’t panic, you can finish this course in under 2 weeks. It’s all done online and is a very affordable and easy course to take. There are hundreds of TEFL course online.

I personally found this TEFL course to be the best in the business. It’s fast, simple and most importantly legit.

If you want to learn more about this TEFL course then read my blog on TEFL courses for more information on how to get your TEFL certificate.

Teach English online without a degree

Some sort of experience with teaching

When it comes to online teaching the pros with this requirement are that most of the online companies are extremely lenient with this one. If you do well in your interview it won’t be the deciding factor on whether or not you get the job.

Without further a due here are some online teaching companies that will higher you given you have at least requirements 1 and 2 above. 


CompanyAboutPay rateHoursWhere to Apply
        PalFishPalFish is an app where you can either teach Chinese children after their school and on the weekends (need a TEFL certificate and have to do an interview process) or they have a FreeTalk which is where you set up a profile and have conversations with people. (Don’t need a TEFL and no interview process, just set up a profile)$14-$22/hourFlexible schedule. Choose your hours. Peak times depend on your time zone.Download the PalFish app on any device.
      CamblySimilar to PalFish, Cambly is an app that brings teachers and students together for conversational purposes. These conversations are one on one and you will be speaking to mainly older students (No TEFL or experience required)$10/hourFlexible Schedule with Peak times all day and night.You can apply here:
        LingodaLingoda unlike the first 2 companies mentioned above is more of an online classroom environment. You will teach about 4-5 students in one class with materials and PowerPoints they provide for you. (You will need a TEFL and some experience is a bonus)$8-$12/hourFlexible Schedule with Peak times all day and night.You can apply here:
        Rype AppRype is similar to PalFish and Cambly in that you will be teaching in a one-on-one setting. However, The session are slightly longer and more teaching orientated. Your lessons will be 30 minutes. (You will need a TEFL and some experience is a bonus)$9-$11/hourFlexible Schedule with Peak times all day and night. (10 hours weekly minimum)You can apply here:
        SkimaTalkIf you are not one for children then you should consider SkimaTalk. SkimaTalk helps Japanese adult professionals better their English in their fields. These lessons are more conversation based and last for 25 minutes.$16+/hourFlexible Schedule with Peak times all day and night.  You can apply here:
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Finishing words:

I hope after reading this you have gained some confidence in the fact that you will get a decent job even without a degree. Teach English online without a degree isn’t hard and you can do it! There are many more companies that higher without a degree. However, I suggest you start with the 5 mentioned above. These are definitely the top-rated companies to work for. If you have no luck with the first 5 then feel free to send us an email and we will gladly help you for free.