If you are new to dropshipping then this is probably a question you should be asking yourself . ” Is dropshipping worth it ?” This is a very valid question and you may read articles of people saying that dropshipping is dead and no longer worth it in 2022. The answer to this question can be complicated but the simple answer is that dropshipping will never die only the circumstances/Strategies will change.

If you don’t stay with the times then yes dropshipping is dead. However, I will explain to you how to stay with the times and make a success dropshipping in 2022.

Dropshipping THEN vs dropshipping NOW:

There are two main differences between dropshipping then vs now. These two are namely competition and strategy.


A few years back the dropshipping space had less competitors. This was a big factor in dropshippers scaling their stores a lot faster and with less effort. Customers had limited options to choose and one store dominated the WINNING PRODUCT.

In 2022 the amount of dropshippers is astronomical. Some would argue that this is a bad thing however it can be used to your advantage. There is now so much information on what’s working and what you can capitalize on without having to test things at your expense.

For a more details on how to capitalize on your competitors read my blog “Winning strategies for dropshiping in 2022”

Dropshipping STRATEGIES

As I mentioned above that dropshipping will never die only the circumstances/strategies will change.


The strategies that all dropshippers followed in the early days went like this.

Find a high-ticket winning product that could possibly trend.
Create a quick one product online store on Shopify.
Create a Facebook page with a few posts.
Make paid adverts on Facebook.
If the product meets certain results advertise more and make a brand out of the store.
If the product doesn’t meet the results shut down the store and start a new one.

This is basically a summary of any dropshipping course you will buy. It did work and still can work for some people but the rate of success is much lower and you can easily become demotivated by all the failures and give up.

Is dropshipping worth it


The reason why the old school strategy is not working for a lot of people anymore is because of the number of competitors that have entered the dropshipping market recently.

If you think you have found a winning product, I promise you a thousand people have already tried and tested the product. You basically are just wasting your time and money by following this old traditional method.

Read my blog “Winning strategies for dropshiping in 2022” if you want to take my view on how to become a successful dropshipper in 2022.


Finishing words:

If you are wanting to dropship in 2022 you can still make a very healthy living. Dropshipping will be worth it for many years to come. However, if you don’t evolve with the latest strategies and methods, you will always be one step behind of the competitors and possibly fail in your journey. If you want updates on the latest strategies and trends sign up to our newsletter and we will update you for free.