In recent years teaching online has become increasingly popular. I get a lot of questions asking why teaching online is becoming so popular.  Well, to be honest, teaching online has so many upsides that it’s hard not to take upon the opportunity to make an extra buck. So here it is , my list of Pros and Cons of Teaching Online.


Teaching online has many pros which is why I decided to use this as my side hustle to fund my online business.


The idea of choosing when you work has a great appeal to many people. This is very common in the online English teaching world. Yes, you read that right. A large majority of Online English Companies allow teachers to choose which hours they would like to work. In addition to choosing the times you can also decide on how many hours you would like to work in a day or week.


Teaching online can become a very lucrative income. What you put in is what you get out is a literal example of your monthly salary when it comes to online teaching. If you are willing to do the time you will be surprised at what you can earn in a month.

The hourly rate of teaching online is a lot more than the minimum wage in the USA. You could earn anywhere between 18-30 dollars an hour with way less effort and energy as a normal 9-5 job.


From application to your first lesson can take less than a week. The companies you apply for will determine if you get the job or not based on a demo lesson. If you have never taught online there’s no need to panic. A few YouTube videos will prepare you.

Once you get the job you learn everything you need to know about the company in a day or less.


Teaching online is a highly rewarding job. Seeing your students improve is really something special. You are also able to become a positive impact in so many people’s lives just by doing your job.


If you hate traffic and driving to work then this is 100% the best option for you. You really do save a lot of time by working from home. You can wake up 20 minutes before work and you will still be early.

Pros and Cons of Teaching Online

CONS 😳😳😳😳😳😳

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I don’t think any job comes without its cons. However, teaching online definitely weighs on the pro side. Some of the cons you will face when teaching online are the following.


If you do decide to teach online full time you will notice that you spend a lot of time at home by yourself. This can either be a good thing for introverts or definitely a con for extraverts.


If you are just starting out, teaching online requires patients. In the beginning it can somewhat become frustrating as you have to completely slow everything down and move at a pace that is understandable to your students.

Children if you don’t have any can also get under your nerves even on a good day.


If you live with people, you will need a spare room that you can turn into a home office. I have seen many relationships fail because when you teach online you need to be loud and extra. This can become extremely annoying to the listener.

Pros and Cons of Teaching Online
Home set up

My overall opinion:

If you are weighing up Pros and Cons of Teaching Online then I think it’s safe to say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The nice thing about Online teaching is that you are normally not bound by long term contracts and in most cases, you can stop working with a week’s notice. So don’t be afraid to just take the leap and start applying for jobs. If you are unsure of which companies to research then read my blog “The best Online English Schools”.