If you are reading this then you must be a concerned parent sneakily trying to find out and figure out some advice to give to your children after they leave school. Well let me tell you that Supportive parents are needed when it comes to your child.

A daunting task? I agree. The number of options your kids have in today’s age is truly amazing. It’s almost overwhelming.

Out of all these options I will try to provide you with some information based on your child wanting to be an entrepreneur and the safest least cost-effective way to become an entrepreneur. If you want to go deeper in to the subject, please read my blogs listed below and pass the read onto your children.

  1. Financial Freedom : I want to be entrepreneur
  2. The cheat code to make financial dreams become a reality as a want to be entrepreneur:

The whole go to varsity or college straight afterschool without any knowledge of what you want to do in life is getting tiring and it is out dated. Most young adults and parents are only starting to figure this out now. College is extremely costly and the most successful young adults hardly use their degrees or have become successful without one.

supportive parents are needed

I am not here to offer any parental advice but maybe this is something you as a parent need to read.

If you read my 3 blogs and your children are in the same boat as what I was then I’ll explain to you as a parent why my journey to becoming an entrepreneur just makes more sense and could make more sense for your children.

The first reason being. Let’s face the facts not every child is book smart and you would have realized this by now. Sending your child to a varsity is somewhat just destroying their creativity and opportunity to turn themselves into something they want to be.

The reason why my method worked for me was because in step 3 of my blog “the cheat code to make financial dreams become a reality as a want to be entrepreneur” I was able to figure out what I enjoyed and what I was good at without prematurely choosing a field and committing 3 hard expensive years towards. I was not a book smart person and this intimidated me.

Secondly, if you are unable to pay for your children’s varsity, they are going to spend most of their early adult life paying off student debt on an average salary.  I have seen how this sets back people’s lives. The amount of money spent on varsity has so much more opportunity if used in better ways.

Thirdly, times are changing and they are changing fast. There is so much money to be made in ways that were never available before. Your child will figure this out if given the time.

It is exciting times for a lot of 90’s and 80’s babies. And the question is that what advice are you going to give your children if they do ask. I would highly recommend that you start by showing them my story and how it is possible and there are other methods to succeed in life.

If your child has already made the decision to take the route I took, how can you be of help to your children and how can play your roll.

In my story my parents were old school and never really understood what I was trying to accomplish. This was always difficult as there was no trust, motivation or belief in the process.

You could be a help by simply asking questions and listening to what they have learnt on their own and what they are currently doing on their own.

I hope that if you got this far you are able to find some closure in the next big steps in your children’s life.