Best selling products on Etsy

In recent times Etsy has gained a lot of attention and not only for online shoppers but e-commerce entrepreneurs too. Etsy has made a lot of e-commerce entrepreneurs a good side hustle income and even made a few millionaires.

Etsy is very attractive because of how easy it is to set up and you don’t need to be a web builder or marketing expert.

With Etsy it’s all about the products you are selling. If you are good at creating amazing products then you should probably consider using Etsy. So here is a list of the best selling products on Etsy.

Products Allowed on Etsy

Before we move on to the best-selling products on Etsy it’s important to understand Etsy’s product guidelines and rules. I have written a blog if you are looking for more details on their policies.

The reason why this is so important is because Etsy have no remorse in shutting your store if they feel you have broken any rules. This can often happen without warnings too so just be very sure to follow their guidelines.

Best-selling products on Etsy

Its pretty intimidating to think that there are over 70 million items for sale on Etsy. This could be seen as a bad thing or a good thing.

I have always seen competition as an advantage as there are people already paving the way for you to follow.

The list I am about to compile for you has come to fruition from the stores on Etsy that have done the largest volume of sales.

What are the best selling products on Etsy?

The top selling products on Etsy are the following:

  • Craft & supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Wedding items
  • Digital downloads
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Vintage items
  • Art & Collectables

Let us take a deeper dive into these categories of products and why they are the best sellers.

Crafts & supplies

Crafts & supplies is a pretty broad term if you look at it as a whole.

However, when it comes to Etsy there are three products that fall under this category that have done the best.


Yes, this may come as a surprise. Stickers from the very beginning of Etsy have been on the best sellers list.

What are the best selling products on Etsy 2022

Plannerkate1 is a great example of how well stickers can do on Etsy. Check her store out if you are interested in selling stickers.


Charms have sold well on Etsy and seen an increase in sales more recently.

What are the best selling products on Etsy 2022

Nicoledebruin has sold over 813,563 charms on Etsy alone. If you have any interest in making charms you should browse through her store to get some examples.


The last product in this category that you should consider selling on Etsy is beads. Homemade jewelry has always been a house hold activity to keep children busy or even moms.

Best selling products on Etsy

Beadboat1 sells a variety of goods that can be used to make jewelry. They have done exceptionally well with over 1 million sales.


Jewelry and Etsy are almost synonymous with one another. With the creativity that Etsy sellers provide it is a match made in heaven.

People love shopping for jewelry on Etsy because the products are unique and hand made.  The jewelry on Etsy is also very affordable with is always attractive to customers.

Best selling on Etsy

Caitlynminimalist is without a doubt the top jewelry seller on Etsy with almost 2 million sales.

Wedding Items

Is it really a wedding if Etsy wasn’t involved in some shape or form?

Wedding items is also a pretty broad product category if you look at weddings a whole.

However, the products that sell the best on Etsy are products such as bridesmaid’s gifts and gowns, Bachelorette custom shirts, invitations and many more.

Best selling etsy products 5

ModParty is a great example store if you are looking to get into the wedding product category.

Digital downloads

It’s almost insane to think that people are making millions of dollars selling digital downloadable products.

Digital downloads are things such as Notion planners, calendars, Fonts, Art work, designs, games and many more. Yes, you create a product once and you sell it over and over again. 

If you are looking for more information on Digital downloads then read this blog I wrote.

Best selling products on Etsy

AmethystGarnet is a great example store of digital downloads.

Clothing & Accessories

Research shows that more than 70% of the shoppers on Etsy are women. It’s evident that women purchase more accessories and clothing online compared to men.

With that being said, Clothing and accessories of any kind have been doing well on Etsy.

Bags have been selling like hotcakes on Etsy in very recent times as well as stylish baby clothing.

Top selling on Etsy
What are the top selling products on Etsy

Vintage items

Etsy was one of the first online marketplaces to promote vintage items and it became part of their brand identity.

The more prominent vintage items on Etsy are jewelry and collectibles.

Vintage items on Etsy

Art & Collectibles

There are thousands of up-and-coming artists that Etsy have given a platform to sell their work on.

If you are an artist or photographer, I would highly recommend selling your art work on Etsy.

Wall art on Etsy

Finishing words:

If you are only starting out don’t be intimidated by the large volume and variety of products already on Etsy.

All you need to do is try separate yourself from all the copy cats and you are bound to do well.

Take tips and notes from the people that are paving the way and add your own unique twists.